Adding text to pages

When you create a website with Heek, we offer you designs suited to your needs, including default content. You can then customize your content, particularly by adding text elements.

Adding a block of text

To add a text element in a section, click once in the section of your choice to make a box appear with the following actions.

Adding text 

  • Click on Add an element to choose the type of element you wish to add.

Adding text to page

  • In this list, you can choose different types of textual elements that will respect the following hierarchy:

    • a Big title (H1)
    • a Subtitle (H2)
    • a Medium title (H3)
    • a Small title (H4)
    • a Very small title (H5)
    • a Micro title (H6)


Click on one of the text elements to add it in the section.

You can then move the text/title to put it wherever you’d like in the section, whether that is in the same column or in another.

To know more about the features of editing and writing with Heek, please check out this article here.

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