Understanding page sections

Your website's pages are divided into sections, or content blocks, that are also divided into columns. Page sections are the foundation of your website. You can add, move, customize and combine sections on a page to create the website that fits you.

Heek offers different types of sections depending on the content to be added to your website, such as products, pricing plan, testimonials, and more. For each type of section, you can choose among several templates and, if you wish, you can customize their appearance.


Sections' layout

A section is made up of one or several columns. You can separately configure each column's settings.

section layout heek


Adding a Section

To add a section:

  • Open the section library by clicking on  (Add A Section) in the main menu. The sections are separated by category.

add section open section library heek


  • Click on a category name to see the different templates offered.
  • Scroll through the templates and choose your favorite.


When you hover the mouse over the section template that you would like, you have two options:

  • Add to this page to complete the page that you are now editing. The new section will connect to this page but under the site's header.
  • Add to a new page to create an additional page on your site with the section.


Moving or deleting a section

You can organize your pages as you like by moving the sections and repositioning them on the page, or by deleting them if you wish to get rid of them. To move or delete a section on your page:

  • Hover over the section
  • Click on  (More settings) in the blue tab that appears.

  • Click and hold (Move) to drag the section wherever you wish on the page.
  • Click  (Delete) to remove the section from the page.


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