Changing an image

Heek allows you to change any image on your website to one of your choice and at any moment.  For example, you can quickly and easily replace one of the default images found on the template you’re using by either uploading your own images or choosing other images offered by Heek.  


Opening the image library

To start changing an image, hover your mouse over an image and click on Editin the bar that appears on top of the image.


In the window that opens, click on “Change image.”



Choose a new image

You can either use one of the images offered by Heek according to the template that you are using or upload an image from your computer.


Using an image offered by Heek

To use an image from your template:

  • Go to the tab “Images offered by Heek”
  • Browse through the different images by hovering your mouse over each image to get a better impression of the image you want


  • Click on “Insert" once you’ve found the image you’d like to use.

The image will instantly replace the one that you wished to discard.


Using one of your own images



To use an image that is on your computer:

  • Click on “Upload from my computer”
  • Choose the document that you would like to use and confirm it


The image will instantly replace the one that you wished to discard.  You can find your image that you uploaded under the tab “all my images” and can use it again wherever you want on your website without having to upload it again.


Note: Images that you upload must not exceed the size of 2Mo.


To find out more on how to further personalise your website, please feel free to browse through our other articles dedicated to this topic.

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