Renaming a page (in the menu)

With Heek, you can create as many pages as you would like for your website.  For easier use, Heek automatically attributes a default name to each page that you have created, but you are free to change it.  It is quick and simple.


What’s a page name?

A page name allows users to understand what the content will be about.  It is found in the menu section and allows users to browse through your website more easily. It is therefore highly recommended to name your pages with simple and clear terms.


Rename a page from your website’s menu

The most direct way to change the name of a page is by going through the menu section found in the header or footer of your website, which is present on all of your pages.  


To rename a page from the website’s menu:

  • Hover over the page name in your website’s menu
  • Click on “Edit” and a settings window will appear

  • Erase the name of the page and replace it with a new name you wish to give it

  • Press enter to validate the change
  • Click Confirm to close the window.

The name of the page will instantly be updated in the menu of your website. 

Careful: The name of a page is different from the page title. Check out our page title article here to know more.  



If you want more information on the different features associated to the pages of your website, feel free to browse through our dedicated section for this subject.

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