Change the page title

Heek gives you the possibility to set up each page of your website in a simple manner through the web editor. Here, you can choose what you would like to name your page title, also known as the meta title.  

A page title is what shows up in the URL address bar of a browser and in search engines. 



Be careful, the title is different from the name of a page (found in the menu of your website).  

The page title is very important for the SEO of your website. It is therefore advised to have a serious thought about it. 


To change a page title:

  • Go to your page in Heek's editor
  • Open the Page/Site settings found in the menu above: Page_Setting.png  
  • Change the title that is found in the page title field: 


  • Click on Confirm to validate the changes made to the page title. 
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