Add a MINDBODY calendar to manage your reservations

MINDBODY is the leading wellness software for yoga studios or fitness centers that allows you to to manage and update your class schedules. It also allows your customers to book and pay online for a class that you offer.

Heek allows you to add the MINDBODY calendar for reservations directly onto your website in just a few clicks.


Add your schedule

You can add the MINDBODY calendar just by responding to the questions asked by Heek in the chat box on the left side of your screen. He will ask you whether you’d like to add the calendar to your website.

  • Answer yes to the following question: “Do you have a class schedule that you would like to publish?”


  • Choose MINDBODY when he asks “What service would you like to connect?

  • Send your MINDBODY ID to Heek:

To get your MINDBODY ID, go into your MINDBODY account and open the subscription window. Have a look at the following article for more information:


  • Your planning will be added onto a new page on your website.


Manage your schedule

If you would like to personalize and manage your calendar, you can do so from your MINDBODY account. It will automatically update onto your Heek website.


If you want to know more about other options offered by adding in a MINDBODY calendar to your Heek website, check out this article.

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