Adding a Google Calendar to your website

To display your upcoming events (classes, workshops, forums…) you can add a calendar directly to your website. Google Agenda is a free tool and is simple to use. You can add a Google Calendar with more than one calendars to your Heek website and manage them from your Google interface.

If you do not have a Google Agenda, you will need to create your Google account before going further.


Adding a schedule

To start, you need to add a schedule to your site. In order to do so, you can simply ask Heek in the chat box on the left, like the example below:

Click on “Yes” then select Google Calendar amongst the suggested options.

Heek will then ask you you to add the integration code in your Google agenda.


How to get your integration code for the Google Calendar

You can find your integration code of your Google Calendar from whichever calendar you want to display on your website.


  • Open up the settings page

  • Click on the Calendars tab

  • Click on the Calendar you wish to add onto your website
  • Copy the integration code


Customize your calendar

If you want to customize how the calendar will look on your website, you can do so directly from the Google platform.

  • Click on “customize the color, the size and other options
  • Customize the different options suggested

  • Click on “Update HTML
  • Copy and update the new integration code


Integrate your Google calendar and agendas 

To finish, paste the integration code in the chat and send it to Heek. The calendar is added on a new page instantly.


Check our dedicated article to get more information on the Google Calendar integration.

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