Heek Cheatsheet

To guide you through the chat with Heek, we have put together a small cheatsheet (which will be updated as time goes on) with a few tips and commands that you can request and watch it come to life! The following actions can be done immediately by Heek. All you need to do is type your command and let Heek do the work for you!


Your website features

Introduce your business

  • Present yourself
  • Present your activity
  • Present your history
  • Present your team
  • Present your specialties
  • Add a portfolio
  • Add a video
  • Have a “coming soon page” to let your visitors know that your website will come shortly. 

Do business

  • Present your products/services
  • Display your fees and prices
  • Add a calendar or schedule (bonus for yogis, add it with MINDBODY or YogaTrail)
  • Present your classes
  • Add a call to action 


  • Display your awards
  • Display your benefits
  • Present your key figures
  • Present your client testimonials
  • Present your values
  • Present your clients
  • Add quotes 
  • Showcase your partners 

Be reachable

  • Add a contact form
  • Add a newsletter

Be engaging

  • Add your social media profiles
  • Add a blog 

Website design

  • Change the template
  • Change the colors
  • Change the font's theme

Your account

  • Consult our subscription plans and fees
  • Upgrade to premium
  • Change your postal address
  • Change the name of your business
  • Save or share your website
  • Change the name of your project 
  • Change your password
  • Update your email address

Get help

  • Ask Heek how to do something or ask Heek for a demonstration
  • Signal a problem
  • Contact a team member

Heek also has a few other responses to questions or comments that you can give him, why don't you test it out ;) 

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