Understanding important variable keywords

Once you have added sections to your website, Heek fills them out by default with content that is personalized to your project and integrates all the information that you have given such as your name, your address, your email etc.

Some of these keywords can be found in a pink frame and they are what we call important variable keywords.



What are variable keywords?

Variable keywords are data that Heek saves in its system to allow you to use these specific keywords wherever you wish on your website. For instance, if you would like to change your company’s name, the new that you would give to the variable keyword Company, will be updated throughout your whole website without you having to go and change the name on each page.


Heek suggests a number of variable keywords:

  • First Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Social media: Facebook, Messenger, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Postal address and its components: StreetNumber, Street, Postcode, City, Country.


Changing a keyword

If you would like to update your specific keywords:

  • click on the pink frame of your word choice
  • change the word or the value in the text area with what you would like to have
  • click on Close to finish

The keyword will therefore be updated throughout your whole website on the pages where the keyword is found


Adding a keyword variable in a section

You can directly add a variable in one of your sections to save time and not type in the information again on your other pages. For example, if you’d like to add in the variable Address to avoid repeating this step in a new page, you can do so easily.


To add a variable:

  • click on the text area of your choice and place the cursor where you would like to add in the variable keyword
  • type @ then click on a variable of your choice that you would like to add within the window that appears


The variable information (in this case your address) will instantly be added to your text.

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