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Heek allows you to make and set up a blog easily and very fast. To have a blog, you would need to add a Blog page onto your website and add in articles.

create blog heek


Adding a Blog page

To create a blog with Heek, you will need to add a Blog page to your website where your different published articles will be listed.


Ask Heek

  • Type in “Add a blog” in the chat box with Heek.
  • Click on OK to confirm the add.
  • Choose where you would like to place the blog, whether it’s on a New page or on the Homepage.


  • Browse through the different styles suggested by using the following buttons:


  • When you have chosen the blog design that you like, click on Continue to confirm the add of the blog.


Adding a blog manually

  • Click on Add a section at the top of the editor: Capture_d_e_cran_2017-03-29_a__18.56.03.png
  • In the section list, click on Blog to see the different templates offered
  • Choose the template that you would like to add and decide where you would like to place it whether it’s in this page or in a new page



Your blog is now installed onto your website and you just have to add articles to the blog.

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