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Heek allows you to make and set up a blog easily and very fast. To have a blog, you would need to add a Blog page onto your website and add in articles.

create blog heek


Adding a Blog page

To create a blog with Heek, you will need to add a Blog page to your website where your different published articles will be listed.


Ask Heek

  • Type in “Add a blog” in the chat box with Heek.
  • Click on Yes to confirm the add.
  • Browse through the different styles suggested by using the following buttons.

add a blog


  • When you have chosen the blog design that you like, click on Continue to confirm the add of the blog.


Adding a blog manually

  • Click on Add a section at the top of the editor.
  • In the section list, click on Blog to see the different templates offered
  • Choose the template that you would like to add and decide where you would like to place it whether it’s in this page or in a new page



Your blog is now installed onto your website and you just have to add articles to the blog.

Edit my blog

To edit your "blog" section you will need to edit the section itself as well as each of your articles.  

Edit your Blog section

edit your blog

  • Open the section menu "Blog" by clicking on the section.
  • Click on Edit.
  • In the editing menu of the section, choose the number of blog articles that you would like displayed by changing the number that is already displayed. 
  • Click on the button New article to add in an article.
  • You can choose to display or not the category filter.
  • You can sort your blog articles by date from the most recent to the latest or from the latest to the most recent and by name from A to Z or Z to A. 

edit my blog 

Edit your articles

Once you are satisfied with the layout of your blog's section, you can now edit your articles. There are a few different areas that you can edit: 

  • Edit the image as presented here by clicking on the image of your partner. 

Edit image

  • Click on the name of your article to change it.


  • Edit the text area of the blog article by clicking on the area then clicking on Edit. 

article name

  • Link your blog article to an internal page or to an external page by typing in the website's address. 
  • Click on a category to add in your blog article or create a new category.

article category

  • Inverse the position of two articles by opening the menu under the name of an article and clicking on the other article that you would like to inverse positions with.

inverse two articles

Edit and select the categories

  • Click on Edit in the Blog section menu, then choose the category of the page. 

category article


To find out how to add in other sections with Heek, click over here.

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