Delete a page

When you are making changes to your website, it is possible that you may want to delete one or more pages. Once your site is published, you will need to edit the page in draft mode to then be able to delete it. 

Edit the page in draft mode

To edit a page without it being online, you will need to turn the page into draft mode. To do so, go onto the page that you would like to delete in the editor and click on the button  réglage on top of your page. 


In the menu that appears, click on “Add to drafts”.


pages menu


You should see the green colored box live at the top of your page be replaced by a yellow box draft. The page is now ready to be deleted. 


Open the list of pages

To access the area where you can manage all of your pages, click on view all pages in the menu found at the top left. 


view all pages


Click on"Drafts" in the drop down menu at the top left of your website. 




You can now see your pages saved in draft mode. Click on sur trash at the top right of your page to delete the page. Be careful, all pages that are deleted is permanently deleted. 

delete page


If you would like to define a homepage, you can consult our dedicated article here. 

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