Define my homepage

The homepage is the page where internet users will arrive first when visiting your website from your domain name

You can, for example, visit Heek's homepage to give you an idea. 

Define my homepage via a page

Go on the page you want to set as homepage, open Page/Sites settings (settings) which is on the top-left corner of your website then Click on set as homepage.

set as homepage

 Define my homepage via the pagelist

To access the area where you can manage all of your pages, click on "See my pages" in the menu at the top left, just like the screenshot below. 

View all pages



To define the homepage of your website, hover over the page of your choice with your mouse and click on the icon Home at the top left corner. This page will now be your homepage. 

If you would like to delete a page, you can consult our dedicated article here.

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