Add an interactive map

Heek allows you to add an interactive map to your website. An interactive map allows you to localize a precise location when given an address. 


How to add an interactive map

  • Click on an area of your website where you would like to put in a map in order to open the following window:

Add content

  • Click on Add content. 
  • Click on Map.

Add a map

  • Move your mouse to the area that you would like to place your map.
  • Click to validate the placement.


Edit an interactive map

  • Click on your interactive map.
  • Click on Edit. 

Edit my map

Two addresses are suggested: 

  • The global address that corresponds to the one that has been given out in the variable keywords. By changing this address, everywhere else on your website that has the address will be changed.  
  • The personalized address has no influence on any parts of your website. 

Search for my location

  • Choose between the global address or the personalized address. 
  • Type in your address in the field box. 
  • Click on Confirm.


An interactive map can be accompagnied by a contact form to present a complete Contact page.

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