Edit my menu

The menu allows visitors to navigate your website. It is essential to have one to understand the organization of a website and to be able to go from one page to another. Heek allows you to set it up depending on your needs. 

 Home menu


To edit your menu, click on the menu, then click on Edit in the pop-up box.

Edit menu 


Change the appearance of a menu

Heek allows you to manage the style of your website's menu and to adapt it to the choice of your design:

  • Click on Alignementto choose how you would like to align your menu. 
  • Click on the Color square to choose the color that you would like to apply on the name of your pages


Add a page to the menu

To add in an existing page that is not yet in the menu, choose the page in the drop-down menu then click on Add a menu. 

Add a page in the menu


Change the order of the pages

To change the position of a page in the menu bar, use the pink arrows at the right of the page's name in order to make them go up or down the list. Then click on Confirm

Change the position of a page in the menu bar

Click on the drop-down menu "No parent" to transform a page into a sub-page and have it associated with a page.  

Turn a page into a sub-page

Rename a page 

Click on a name of a page to change it and to enter a new name in the field box that appears.  

Change a page name


Remove a page from the menu

To remove one of your pages in the menu because you don't want it to be accessible from the menu bar at the top of your website, click on the trash can icon found next to the page's name


If you would like to know more about editing your content on Heek, click over here.

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