Changing the font

Heek allows you to customize the appearance of your website such as its structure, its color palette and its font. You can change the general font of the your website’s template or directly change a particular text element.


Change the font of the template

Heek applies by default a group of fonts on your website depending on the text element (whether it’s a title, paragraph and so forth). You can choose amongst these different types of fonts offered by simply choosing the one that you like.

To change the font of the template, in the main editor menu, click on the following symbol: Changing font

Click on one of the font names that appears in the list to apply the font chosen to the texts on your website.



Change the font of a text element

Heek equally allows you to change the font of a particular text element which will be different from the font of the template.


To change the font of a block of text:

  • Click on the text of your choice to make a tool box appear above the text area.

changing font

  • Click on the font name that is found on the left hand side of the tool box to get a list of available fonts.

changing font

  • Click on one of the fonts of your choice to apply on the text area that you have highlighted.


If you would like to bring back the default font that was used for the template, click on Reset in the same tool box.

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