Present your values

Heek allows you to add a presentation of your values. To do so, you will need to add a "Values" section on one of your pages. 


Add a Values section

  • Click on "Add a section" in the menu found at the top of your editor. 

Présentation des valeurs


  • Click on "Convince" then on "Values" to see the different suggested designs. 
  • Hover over the section template that you would like to add and click “on this page” or “on a new page” depending on where you’d like to add the presentation of your topics. 


Rubrique valeurs

Your presentation of your values is now installed on your website, all you need to do is edit it. 


Edit a value

To edit one of your values. There are different sections to change: 

  • Edit the image as presented here by clicking on the image of a value you want to edit.

Image valeur

  • Click on the name of your value that you would like to change. 

Modifier le nom d'une valeur

  • Edit the value area by clicking on the area than on Edit. 

Bloc de la valeur

  • Choose between an internal link or an external link to add a link to your website or to an external website by typing in the website's address.
  • Click on a category to add a new value or to create a new category.

Ajouter une valeur

  • Inverse the position of two values by opening the menu under the name of a value and clicking on the other value that you would like to inverse positions with.

Inverser la position de deux valeurs


Add / Delete a value

To add a value, click on the section then click on the + that appears above the blue zone. 

Ajouter une valeur

To delete a value, click directly on the value in question then on the trash icon that appears in the zone. 

Supprimer une valeur


Set up your Values unit

To access the settings of the zone area that presents your values, click on the zone then click on Edit above the blue zone. 


Editer le bloc de la valeur

  • To choose the number of values that you would like to display by page, change the number in the following field: 

Nombre de valeurs

  • You can choose to display or not one of the category filters by using the following button:


  • To choose the order of display of values on a page, click on sort and choose to sort your topics by date from the most recent to the latest or from the latest to the most recent or by name from A to Z or from Z to A.



  • To choose the categories that you would like to display on your values page, check/uncheck the following boxes found before each category name. You can display other value categories on another page of your website.


To find out how to add in other sections with Heek, click over here.

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