Publish a Coming soon page

A Coming Soon page temporarily replaces the homepage of your website to inform your visitors that your website will be up and running shortly and to stay tuned.



Activate the Coming Soon page


To put the Coming Soon page online, type in “add a Coming Soon” in the chat box to let Heek know you’d like to put up that page.



You can then customize the content of this page very easily, just like the other pages or sections of your website, then publish it. Your internet users will arrive on the Coming Soon page once you have shared the URL of your website.


Deactivate the Coming Soon page

To deactivate the page:

  • Go to the tab named "All pages" in the side bar of the editor
  • Click on the icon "Set as homepage" to activate the normal homepage of the website.


The internet users that will visit your website will arrive on the page that you have defined as main page and not as the Coming Soon page.


Don’t hesitate to take a look at the advantages of having a Coming Soon page for your website and start to develop your activity right now.

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