Present your fees and pricing

Heek allows you to add a presentation of your fees and pricing easily and very fast. To display your fees and pricing, you will need to add in a "pricing" section on one of your pages.


Add a section to present your fees and pricing 

To display your fees and pricing with Heek, you will need to add a "pricing" section to your website so that your potential clients can see your prices.

Ask Heek

  • Type in “Present my pricing” in the chat box with Heek.
  • Click on Yes to confirm the add.
  • Browse through the different style options suggested by using the following buttons. 

Add pricing


Present my pricing


Add manually

You can also manually add in a pricing section. 

  • Click on “add a sectionin the menu found at the top of your screen:

Fees and pricing

  • Click on “Do business" then on "Pricing” to see the different suggested designs.
  • Hover over the section template that you would like to add and click “on this page” or “on a new page” depending on where you’d like to add your pricing section.

Add pricing


Your pricing is now set up on your website, all that is left for you to do is to fill it in with details. 


Edit your pricing


To edit one of your pricing, there are different areas that you can change: 

  • Click on the name of your pricing to change it. 
  • Click on the price of your fee to change it. 


Price name


  • Edit the pricing unit by clicking on the block then on Edit.

Edit the pricing unit


  • Link your pricing to a new page, to an existing page or to an external website. 
  • Click on a category to add your pricing or to create a category. 




  • Invert the position of two fees by opening the drop menu under the name of your fee, than clicking on the fee that you would like to switch the position with. 

Invert two fees


Add/Delete a pricing

To add a pricing, click on the section, then click on the + that appears above the blue zone. 


Add a pricing


To delete a pricing, click directly on the pricing in question, then on the trash icon that appears below the pricing.


Delete a pricing


Set up your Pricing unit

To access the settings of the whole unit presenting your pricing, click on the unit then click on Edit that appears above the blue zone. 


Edit pricing


  • To choose the number of pricing that you would like to display by page, change the number in the following field: 


Number of pricing displayed


  • You can choose to display or not the category filters by using the following button: 


Display category filters


  • To choose the order of display of your pricing on a page, click on "Sort" then choose in the list whether you want to sort it by date from the most recent to the oldest (or the other way around) or by name from A to Z or from Z to A. 


 Sort your pricing 


  • To choose the categories to display on your pricing page, check/uncheck the follow blocks before each category name. You can display other pricing categories on another page of your website.  


Category pricing


To discover how to add in other sections with Heek, click here.

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