Add a contact form

Heek allows you to add a contact form easily and very fast. To do so, you will need to add a "Contact" section on one of your pages. 


Contact form

To add a contact form


To create a contact form with Heek, you will need to add a "contact" section to your website.  


Ask Heek


  • Type in “Add a contact formin the chat box with Heek.
  • Click on Yes to confirm the add. 
  • Browse through the different styles suggested by using the following buttons.

Contact form


  • When you've chosen the design you prefer, click on I choose this design to confirm the add of your contact form.


Add manually


You can also manually add in a contact section:

  • Click on “Add a section” in the menu found at the top of your screen 

Contact form

  • Click on "Be reachable" then on "Contact" to look at the different designs suggested.
  • Hover over the section template that you would like to add and click “on this page” or “on a new page” depending on where you’d like to add your contact form.


Contact form


Your contact form is now set up on your website, your potentials clients can contact you.


Set up your contact form


Click on the form to make the menu appear than click on Edit.

Edit Contact form


You can therefore change: 

  • the button to send
  • the contact email address you want to use to receive all of the messages of your visitors who contact you.

Edit Contact form


Edit the contact form fields


Heek adds fields by default in the formula (first name, last name, telephone number, email and message box) that you can change. 

To add a new field, type the name that you would like to give it and choose the type of field (text or message). 


Add a new field


To change an existing field, change the title and the type as shown below. 


Change an existing field


To delete a field, click on the trash icon at the right of the title field. 

To move a field in the contact form, click and slide the field using the following icon Field contact form.


To discover how to add other sections, click over here. 

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