Add and set up a slideshow

When you are making your website with Heek, you will see that we offer a number of themes adapted to your needs that contain content by default. You can then customize your content such as add an image slideshow in your sections. 

Add a slideshow in a section

To add a slideshow in a section: 

  • Click once in the section of your choice so that a box appears with a list of actions. 



  • Click on Add content to choose the type of element you'd like to add.



  • Click on Slideshow to add one in the section of your choice then move the cursor to the area that you would like to position it. Click again to place the content in the area that you have chosen.


Set up a slideshow

You can choose the images that will appear in the slideshow as well as its dimension. To do so, click on the slideshow then click on Edit in the box that appears above the element. 



To add new images:

  • click on "Add an image"
  • Click on the images that you would like to add in then click on "Insert selected images"

Add a diaporama


To delete one of the images in a slideshow, in the settings, hover over an image and click on the following iconAdd a diaporama.

Add a diaporama


To change the order of your images, hover over an image and click on the icon set up a diaporama then move it around.


To choose the height of the slideshow, change the number in the following field: 

set up a diaporama



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