Add a column/line

The pages of your website are divided into sections. Content blocks are divided into columns. The sections of your website are stacked and separated by lines.


Add an empty column or line

To modify the lines and the columns of your website, you will need to put your website in Structure mode. 


Editor menu


To add a column or a line, go to the section where you would like to place your column or line, then click on the area that you would like to add it and click on "Add a column" or "Add a line"

Add content in a new column


Create a column or a line with a new content

To add a content in a new column :

  • Click on an area of your website. 
  • Click on "Add content".

 Add a content in a new column

  • Move your mouse cursor in the intersection between two blue lines then click to validate the placement once the following message appears: "Add to a new column".

Add content in a new column gif

If you would like to know how to delete a column/line, check out our article here

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