Add a YogaTrail schedule

YogaTrail is the world’s yoga network that connects yogis to their yoga teachers and yoga studios. It allows each yoga teacher to create their profile and display their class schedules. If you have subscribed on YogaTrail, Heek allows you to integrate your schedule onto your Heek website.


To add a page onto your website that presents your YogaTrail schedule, start by adding in a planning: 

  • Type in “add a schedule” into the chatbox with Heek and say yes;


  • Choose “YogaTrail” amongst the options suggested.



You will then need to use your YogaTrail ID to send it to Heek. This is found in the URL of your profile; it is a series of numbers at the end of the URL:

Capture_d_e_cran_2017-05-11_a__18.41.02.pngHere it is 109477.


Send your YogaTrail ID to Heek:


Heek will display your YogaTrail schedule onto your website.  


If you want to change the Yogatrail schedule displayed on your website:

  • Click on the schedule and click on Edit


  • Type in the ID of the new profile you want to take the schedule from and click on "Confirm":



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