Connecting to YogaTrail

YogaTrail is a free platform that empowers yoga teachers and helps them to manage their classes, engage students, accept bookings and payments, attract new clients, and more. You can easily embed your YogaTrail Class Schedule on your Heek website - it will always be in sync and up to date. This way, yogis can also book your classes directly on your website, without having to go to YogaTrail!

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To embed your class schedule to your website, type “add a schedule” into the Heek Chatbox. If you already added your class schedule on your Heek website, hover your mouse on your schedule and click “Edit”.



You’ll see a few options - choose “YogaTrail”:



You’ll then need to enter your YogaTrail profile ID. This is simply the series of numbers found in the URL of your profile on YogaTrail. In the example below, it would be 109477:

So, visit your YogaTrail profile and copy the numbers in the top of your browser address. Paste this number into the Heek Chatbot field, and click the red arrow.


Done! Your YogaTrail class schedule will appear on your website.



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