Add and set up a text button

Buttons, also known as call to actions, are a great way to interact with your visitors on your website and invites them to click on the area that you would like.



How to add a button

To add a button on your website:

  • Click on the area where you would like to add a button;
  • Click on “Add content” in the window that appears;
  • Click on “Button” in the list of elements that is suggested.


How to set up a button

To set up a button, click on it and then click on Edit, found on top of the button. 



You can then choose :

  • The text that you would like to display on the button;
  • The link where you would like to send your users when they’ve clicked on the button:
    • Internal link: send your visitors towards another page of your website by choosing the page that you would like in the drop-down menu.
    • External link: send your visitors onto an external page by adding in an URL.
  • The positioning of the button on the page: to the left, center or to the right.


When you have finished setting up your button, click on Confirm.

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