Add icons

An icon, or a pictogram, is a graphic or schematic representation or figurative design that can be used as a sign.


Add an icon

To add an icon in a section of your website:

  • Click on an area of the page where you would like to add the icon;

Add content

  • Click on Add content;

Content panel

  • Click on Icon and Heek will add one by default to the area that you have clicked on.


Choose the icon you want to display

To change the icon that Heek has added to your website:

  • Click on the icon;

Change Icons

  • Click on the symbol found at the far left of the tool bar that shows up;
  • Search for an icon of your choice by using the search bar.

Search icons

  • Click on the icon of your choice which will automatically replace the one that was put by default.

Choose icons

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