Who is Heek, your personal assistant?

Once you arrive on our website, you will be supported by Heek, your assistant. It will guide you in the creation, improvement and animation of your own website.

Heek asks you questions and recommends the best actions and content for your activity.

No skill is required; you will have an internet site after only a few minutes.

Your assistant is involved in every step:

  • Creation: Heek asks you questions and creates your site over the course of the conversation depending on the responses that you provide. 
  • Improvement: Once your site has been created, Heek will contact you when it has recommendations for improving your visibility on search engines, wants to update your information or to offer you new images, etc. 
  • Animation: As long as your site lasts, Heek lets you set up operations depending on depending on the busiest periods in your activity: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. 

The assistant is a powerful recommendation engine that helps you avoid blank page syndrome and keeps you from missing any opportunity for your business.

Heek is your intelligent assistant that works for you not only when you're working too but keeps working even when you're asleep.

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