Managing my website's active pages

The page list, directly accessible via the main menu by clicking on , allows you to manage, sort and rename your pages very easily and quickly.


Sort your pages

Here you can change the order of your website's pages and move them around. Click on the page you wish to change the order of, hold down and drag it to where you would like it. 



Rename a page

Still on the page list, click on the title you wish to change at the top of the page, select the text and replace it with the new title. Confirm by hitting Enter on your keyboard.




Set my homepage

The homepage is the first thing internet users see when they access your site through your domain name You can take a look at the Heek homepage, for example.

To set your website's homepage, move your mouse over the desired page and click on  in the upper left-hand corner. This page then becomes your homepage.

You can also archive or delete a page. We will explain later how it works in a dedicated article.

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