What is a domain name?

With Heek, you can easily make a website for your business without any technical expertise, in other words, manage the design and content. The only thing left to do is publish the website to begin attracting clients, but before that, you must think of your brand identity on the Internet.

Your website's URL

To publish your website, you need to give it a unique web address, a URL, that allows your visitors to access it from their browser.

A web address such as www.mysite.com is composed of:

  • a subdomain, here www (optional) 
  • a domain name "mysite.com" 


Domain Name

The domain name is therefore very important because the address of your website is directly dependant on it. This domain name is composed of:

  • a name: mysite 
  • an extension: .com 

There are numerous extensions that exist as well as a few restrictions with regards to the spelling of a domain name. Discover our advice to help you choose a proper domain name.

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