Purchasing a domain name with Heek

When you want to put your website online, you need to give it a web address by registering a domain name with a registrar. Don't panic! Heek makes the process easy and allows you to book a domain name quickly and without leaving the editor.


Access the Publish page

To go to the Publish page:

  • Click on "Publish my website" in the main menu of your editor 

domain name


Choose my domain name

Start by looking at our tips and advice to choose the right domain name. Then make sure to check if it's available by typing it in the right field box: 


domain name


If it's available, Heek will indicate the pricing just beneath it. It's free of charge the first year on an annual plan. 


If you do not have a subscription yet, selected a plan and choose the price plan that suits you. 

If you already have a subscription plan, simply click on publish. 



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