The main menu of the editor

If you use the editor to create, customize or update your site, the top menu will allow you to administer and to change its overall structure. This is your site's control panel.


Editor menu


To learn how to use Heek quickly, here is a list of actions available from the main menu.


Menu Access the list of pages

The section on the left of your menu features the name of the page you are currently editing. To see the list of pages, click on the arrow next to the name of the page to open the drop down menu. Here you will see a list of active pages on your site as well as pages that are in draft mode. 



To access one of the pages on this list, simply click on the name of the page. 

Below the list, click on View all pages to access the All of pages section. In this section, you can:


Save my website Save my website

At any time, you can save your work and thus keep any changes by clicking on Save.

  • If the site is unpublished, you can resume its creation at any time from where you last finished.
  • If your site is online, it will be automatically updated.


UndoUndo/redo changes

Click Undo to go back and cancel a change you just made on your site.

Similarly, click the Redo button if you want to return to the action you canceled.


My accountManage my account

To access your account's settings, click on the arrow next to your first name, at the top right of your editor. A drop-down menu will appear giving you access to different options:

  • My Account: manage personal details and payment details
  • Plans: Select a plan that match your needs
  • Languages: Choose the language that you would like to use Heek in.
  • Help: Go to the help centre at to view all articles on this subject 
  • Restart: Click here to restart your account and the conversation with Heek. 
  • Logout: Click this link to log out. 


Change the styleChange the color style

When creating your site with your Heek assistant, you choose a style that applies a combination of colors to your entire website.

To change the style of your site, move your cursor over the color range in the top menu and pick the new one.


Fonts Change the template fonts

Each template offered by Heek comes with different combinations of font that you can chose from the main menu. 

Fonts menu


To change the fonts of your template, click on the font icon in the menu and click on the font you want in the dropdown list.


Add a Section Add a section

Heek offers you a combination of sections to enhance your site. You can access them by clicking Add a section from the menu of your editor. In this area, you can add a section to your site, choosing from the different categories.



Page and site settings Page / Site settings 

Click on the gear symbol to:

  • Manage the page settings that you are trying to edit: title, description, names in the menu, URL...
  • Manage the site settings: sharing picture, favicon, Google Analytics... 

page / site settings


Content/structureContent / Structure mode

When you create or update your website, you will have the choice between two different editing modes, to make your experience more simple and intuitive!

With this menu, you can now create a website to your own design by going to the editor.

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