Create your site by chatting with Heek

You can add sections to your site by chatting with your Heek chatbot. To do so, you just have to let it guide you and respond to its questions.


Start it well

To start well with Heek, it is highly recommended to follow the instructions provided in the chatbox. You will first need to respond to a few criteria: 

  • Fill out your name
  • Give out the name of your project
  • Define your activity
  • Choose your theme/template


  • Choose whether you'd like your website to be on a single page or on multiple pages
  • Choose the sections that you would like to include on your website



Customize your website

After having set up the structure of your website, Heek will show you the different common actions that you can do, for example how to add in content, change an image or other with the help of GIFs. 


After showing you tutorial examples, Heek guides you through the customization of your sections and pages, offering you different designs to choose for each page.


Once you have followed the instructions and demonstrations, you will have all the keys to be free to customize your website to your liking!

If you need help, Heek lets you create sections and bring a site to life, one which you can then personalize, organize or redesign.

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