Create your site by chatting with Heek

You can add sections to your site by chatting with your Heek bot. To do this, you just have to let it guide you and respond to its questions.


Adding sections

Heek lets you add sections that fit your business needs, thanks to responses that you have given previously.

  • To agree to add a section that Heek is suggesting, click on Yes
  • To decline to add a section, click on No Thanks


Choosing the design of a section

When you agree to add a section to your site, Heek provides you with a design for the section, which appears on your site.


To see the other designs available for this section, click on Next Design. You can navigate between the designs, choose one and then personalize it.

Continuing the creation

In order to continue with the creation of your site with Heek, you need to tell it if you are happy with the section that you have just added.

To move on the next one and resume the conversation with Heek, click on Continue.

If you don't like any of the designs, you have the opportunity to remove the section of the site by clicking on Remove. We take your responses into account as we develop new designs every week.

Heek lets you create sections and bring a site to life, one which you can then personalize, organize or redesign.

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