Chatting with Heek

To create your website, you need to interact with Heek through a chat (instant messaging). Using your answers, Heek can quickly build a personalized website adapted to your needs. 


Launch instant messaging

Starting from the homepage of our website, click on the Start button to begin the conversation with your Heek assistant.

You will be redirected to the conversation and the creation of your website will begin.


Respond to Heek

Heek will ask you different types of questions to help you personalize your website and add personalized content. You can respond to Heek in several ways.

Type a message

Click on the response field and type your message. To send your message press Enter on your keyboard or click on the arrow on the right. Heek will receive your message instantly.



Choose from a list

Open the drop-down menu and pick the response(s) that fits you the best from the list, then click on the arrow on the right.



Give your opinion

Click on the button of your choice and Heek will take your response into account when constructing your website. You can also type your answer.


Modify a response

You can modify some information that you have provided for creating your website directly from the chat: your first name, the name of your business, etc.

To return to a response, move the mouse over the corresponding speech bubble in the chat. If the response is modifiable, an arrow will appear in the bubble.


Click on the bubble and wait until Heek asks the question again. Type your new response and the information will be updated in the parameters of your website.

Through these very simple interactions, you can create your website by chatting with Heek.

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