Changing a section background

Your website is divided into blocks of contents that Heek calls sections. To customize the appearance of your section you can change its background. It is possible to choose either a background color or a background image.


Access the background options

To display the customization options of a section, click once on a section that you would like to edit. A list of actions will appear. 


In this list, click on change the line background or change the image which will replace the change the line background if the section already contains an imageAnother toolbox will appear on your page. 





Choose a background color

Heek offers you a few options, depending on how you would like to customize it.

First off, you can choose one of the colors for your template by clicking on the round options found on the right, to keep a harmonized style


You can also choose a personalized color by:

  • entering a hexadecimal code of the color
  • moving your cursor in the color selector box

Finally, if you would like to add in a color filter on top of a background image, you can choose the level of opacity. For this, just enter a percentage in the level of opacity. 


Choose a background image.

To add or edit the background image of your section, click on Change to open the image library. You can use one of the free images of the theme you have chosen or import a photo from your computer.


Free images

To use an image offered by Heek with your theme, move the mouse pointer over the photos and click on Insert on the image you want to add.


Upload an image

To use an image that is on your computer or tablet, click on Upload from My Computer.

In the window that opens, choose your image from the files on your computer and confirm.

The image is instantly placed in the background of your section.


To learn more about how to change the general appearance of your website, refer to our dedicated section.

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