Connect TripAdvisor to your website

Heek allows you to enrich your website with reviews and ratings from your customers directly from your TripAdvisor page. 


Add a TripAdvisor widget 

To add a TripAdvisor widget to your website: 

  • Click on the + symbol "Add content" on the top right corner of the editor.


  • Add a "Web widget" : drag and drop it on your page


  • The side bar gives you access to the settings of your widget. Choose "TripAdvisor" in the dropdown list next to "Embed".


  • Choose the widget you want to add 
    • Your rating
    • Read reviews
    • Collect reviews
    • Review snippets
  • Insert the URL of your TripAdvisor page.


Your TripAdvisor widget is now installed on your website and will be updated every time someone gives you a new rating or review.


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